Monday, 9 January 2012

Warnock Gone, But Not Forgotten

After the shock sacking, (well shock to some) of Neil Warnock on Sunday evening this leaves QPR in a very sticky situation. I said in my last blog on 22/12/11 that Warnock was in trouble. Now having got rid of the man who got them promoted to the Premier League after a good 15 years in the wilderness, the next appointment could be the most important in their history.

First I think every QPR fan would want to thank Warnock for what he did with the club in very difficult circumstances. The fans will have some very happy memories of him. He will go down in Rangers history and the fans will always have a special place for him. However they will want to remember him for the good things he did, and things were going bad. In the Premier League Warnock has been found out before. At Sheffield United he took them down and blamed everyone else. It was West Ham’s fault, Tevez fault, Liverpool’s fault for fielding a weaken team Fulham, the excuses came thick and fast but he never blamed himself.

This Season at QPR started well, but they have been found out at home by other mangers and teams and how easy it is to beat them. His team selections at times have been questionable. His choice to play strikers as wingers and publically grilling of players on the pitch after games when it would be better in the dressing room does not help. You may get away with these stunts in the Championship, where he is a fantastic manager, but in the big league it doesn’t wash. Remember the Premier League is 38 testing difficult games, where as in the football league it 46 games and you can easily go 8 games without a win and still turn it round with ease and get into a play-off position.

The media love him because they know you will be guaranteed a classic quote or quality sound bite. That is why his dismissal has been deemed ‘unlucky’ by most of the national press. In reality he is not enough for the Premier League.

Who QPR get next will be massive, at the minute it looks like Mark Hughes and with the players QPR have been linked with they all have worked with him before.

Whatever happens QPR have some massive games coming up and this will be once again interesting times at Loftus Road.