Friday, 25 January 2013

Chelsea, Hazard, BallBoy, Out of control

Chelsea once again made the headlines for all the wrong reasons this week. Eden Hazard was the latest player to drag the clubs name through the dirt.
The Belgium star kicked a ballboy who refused to return the ball quickly back to the player in the Capital One Cup semi final match.

Now we know this ballboy was in fact 17 years-old and what he is doing
as a ballboy is a different story. They are supposed to retrieve the
ball as fast as possible to the players. This one let it slide by him
and took his time, fell on it and that’s when the incident occurred.
After a bit of shoving Hazard kick the ballboy and ball from under him
and ran off to re-start the match. It doesn’t matter what he wrote on
Twitter about time wasting beforehand it was an empty tweet from a
teen. The real matter is that a professional footballer, a role model
an adult kicked a person on national TV. If this happened on the street
he would have been arrested simple as that. Some people have said it
was just like Eric Cantona’s kung-fu kick to a Palace fan all those
years ago.

The facts are Chelsea are a club out of control and have no
discipline. I have said this before but this is another example of how this club have completely lost it. We have seen in the past that they haven’t dealt with their players misdemeanors well. Ashley Cole shooting a youth player,
John Terry and his many, many wrong doings in the past 2 years. How the
club treated the Mark Clattenburg affair earlier this season was all
wrong. How the players got AVB the sack, how Roman shamelessly sacked the man that brought them Champions League success it all adds up. Iv said many times there out of control and John Terry runs the club that club.

Roman may as well make him manager and save a lot of time and money.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

QPR: Can they stay up?

  QPR will once again roll the dice this transfer window and gamble for their Premier League survival. Tony Fernandes has splashed the cash before but on players that were coming to the end of their careers and some say looking for their last big pay day out of the naive chairman. He will have to dip into those deep pockets again.

 With Harry Redknapp in charge a man known for his wheeling and dealing in the transfer market, QPR must gamble to secure Premier League survival. The wage bill at Loftus Road is one of the highest in England. The likes of Cesar, Bosingwa, Park, Granero, SWP, Remy and of course Barton all on big wages if Rangers do go down and miss the new big money TV deal and it will be a massive blow to the club.

 QPR must take the risk to stay in the league Harry Redknapp has improved the attitude of QPR in recent weeks. They have looked more like a team, defending much better and even picked up away wins. They are in fact unbeaten in 2013.

 They have been linked to Jake Livermore, Niko Kranjcar and Yann M’Villa. QPR are still after the West Brom pair Jonas Olsson & Peter Odemwingie too, and you would expect Harry will pull off another couple of loan deals by the end of the month. The facts are QPR are still in a mess, but if one man can get them out of it, it’s Redknapp. He must though strengthen the defence, with Ryan Nelson leaving the club at the end of the month QPR have to replace him as he has been the best defender by far.     

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New picks for the season

Some updated picks for the season. 

Premier League 
Top 4

1. Manchester United
2. Manchester City 
3. Chelsea
4. Tottenham 


Aston Villa


Cardiff City 
Leicester City 
Crystal Palace


Bristol City 
Sheffield Wednesday

League One

Tranmere Rovers
Sheffield United 



League Two 

Port Vale 


Bristol Rovers

FA Cup - Chelsea
Champions League - Borussia Dortmund
Europa League - Atletico Madrid